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At Otraco, our commitment to training quality tyre professionals for the industry is second to none. We are a Registered Training Organisation certified to deliver training, assess competencies and issue qualifications recognised throughout Australia.

Our experienced trainers and assessors work with our tyre fitters, teaching them specialised skills and attributes to allow them to work safely and efficiently. Training is based on international best practice, resulting in improved productivity, machine availability and lower maintenance costs on our sites.

Tyre maintenance courses for clients

Training isn’t just for our staff, it can also be for yours! We have a range of competency-based training solutions to suit our clients’ needs, from tyre fitting and maintenance courses to our personal development and leadership programs. We understand how important it is to ensure your heavy machinery is in top condition, even when we can’t be there, which is why we offer a range of training solutions you can view below.

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As a leader in the field of onsite tyre management solutions and maintenance, the team at Otraco are proud to continuously improve our work as well as help you learn. With our training services, we can keep your heavy machinery at its best. To talk to a representative about your requirements, call (08) 9251 3100 or email   training