Otraco Tyre Training Centre

At the core of our innovative training program is our tyre training centre in Perth, Western Australia – built to address the Australian shortage of quality OTR tyre fitters, and to reinforce our culture of safety and best practice.

The centre comprises a simulated mine tyre pad and workshop, and is equipped with both open cut and underground mining equipment, including a Caterpillar 789B haul truck donated by BHP Billiton, a Komatsu 785, an Elphinstone R2900 bogger (underground loader) and tyre handler.

Trainees undergo a six-week course at the centre, beginning their training in a safe and controlled environment. It also gives them a taste of their new lifestyle, as trainees are required to work a full mine roster, work nights, undergo mock client audits and even eat in a crib room.

Once the course is complete, the trainees are on their path towards gaining a Certificate II in Automotive Tyre Servicing Technology. They continue their training on mine sites, starting their new jobs armed with the required skills, knowledge of safety systems and procedures, and key operational training. 

For more information, please contact the Training Centre on (08) 9251 3100 or email   training  @otraco.com.