The latest in tyre management technology arrives at Otraco

In an Australian-first for the tyre management industry, the Otraco Tyre Training Centre has received two very exciting deliveries over the last couple of weeks – B&D Manufacturing’s Super Jack and Multi Handler. These innovative machines are not only at the cutting edge of tyre and truck maintenance solutions, they also allow our fitters to perform their tasks in a safer environment; all while greatly increasing productivity for our clients.  

The Super Jack is a self-propelled machine that is driven under the haul truck to jack up either the front or rear axle in one go in preparation for a tyre change or service, eliminating the need to use a manual jacking device. 

The Multi Handler is designed and manufactured to facilitate the removal and installation of truck final drives or wheel motors, eliminated the use of cranes in the workshop. This highly manoeuvrable device is remote controlled and has a heavy-duty frame that holds up to 50 tonnes, allowing the wheel motor to rotate on cradle cams.   It has all-wheel drive with aggressive traction tyres. Optional equipment can also attach to the Multi Handler to allow for the safe removal of the front and rear struts and main body hydraulic cylinders.  

These special deliveries won’t be at the training centre for long – they will soon be in use at one of our sites in the Pilbara, and we know they will be seen all over the country in the coming months.

For more information about the Super Jack and Multi Handler, please contact Chris Slade: or 0427 778 769.