Otraco Industrial Sales

Otraco Industrial Sales is our new and dynamic division focused on streamlining the delivery of essential tyre bay commodities for our clients, whilst introducing exciting new products designed to enhance mine productivity and safety.

We have at our disposal a large pool of technical knowhow and experience built up over 40 years.  A key objective of Otraco Industrial Sales is to harness this by working closely with some of the world’s leading tooling and equipment manufacturers to design, develop and deliver innovative products that will keep your tyre bay operations working safely, efficiently and productively.

One of the more exciting products that embodies this philosophy is our new Super Jack, a fully computer controlled, hydraulically driven vehicle.  The Super Jack enables workers to perform the required maintenance in a secure and safe environment whilst also completing the task in a fraction of the normal time.

Otraco Web - Otraco Industrial Sales - Super Jack

Otraco Web - Otraco Industrial Sales - Super Jack 2

For more information on Otraco Industrial Sales and how we can add value to your tyre bay operations, email info@otraco.com